Ursula & Domi’s Summer engagement session was one of my favourites this year. Some of you might remember these two lovenbirds and their lovely picnic session. On this day we did not just get comfortable on the blanket with sparkling champagne in our hands! In fact we turned the beautiful rose garden among Vienna’s impressive Volksgarten into our personal engagement-stage. During summer this place becomes one big blooming oasis of scents. They plant rosebushes everywhere letting the whole garden shine with colorful new splendor. Almost accidentally I discovered these huge rose trees and predestined them as perfect backdrop for my shooting with Ursula and Domi. When our gorgeous lady arrived in her adorable tulle skirt by Alexandra Greco my heart just skipped a beat.

Everything was just perfect. The two are such a heartwarming and cute couple. We spent such a wonderful afternoon together and I am more than happy with the result. As you can see I can´t stop wax lyrical about them.  But I guess you´re not surprised when you see the following pictures.

I´m totally excited to show you now my personal best of this Summer engagement session and want to say thank you to Ursula and Dominik for trusting me and spending this beautiful day with me.
summer-engagement-session_0016 summer-engagement-session_0017 summer-engagement-session_0004 summer-engagement-session_0005 summer-engagement-session_0002 summer-engagement-session_0006 summer-engagement-session_0018 summer-engagement-session_0010 summer-engagement-session_0008 summer-engagement-session_0011 summer-engagement-session_0012 summer-engagement-session_0009 summer-engagement-session_0020 summer-engagement-session_0021Credits:
Dress: Alexandra Grecco
Shoes : Zara
develped & scanned by Carmencita Filmlab
Location: Volksgarten Vienna

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