Being a fine art wedding photographer who lives in Vienna, you can not help but long for the Spring and it’s beginning in March. In the winter months, the city is various shades of grey, windy and freezing cold. So myself and my team find ourselves dreaming of Spring these winter moments and making preparations for that which is to come.

My idea was to create a delicate Spring wedding inspiration with seasonal flowers like ranunculi, purple winter roses and a hint of hyacinths and fern. These flowers mark the return of Spring for me. Spring is definitely my favorite time of the year- every flower sprouts, the fruit trees start to blossom and the sweet smell of lilacs tints the air. The air is filled with birds that are keeping up a cheerful chorus. There are brightly colored butterflies dancing in the air. The days warm up and the sun is getting stronger and stronger with each day that passes.

This styled shoot is a homage to the season of love. There is no better way than wedding in spring, is there?! I hope you are left inspired when viewing this beautiful production my favorite girls and I have created few weeks ago. I feel blessed to work with such talented Austrian ladies. Furthermore, I’m honored that this styled shoot has been featured in the current e-magazine of Hochzeitsguide. This was a long time goal and dream come true and I want to thank Susanne for making it possible.


I hold my breath, impatiently anticipating spring and dress the sky
delicately in stars your bright eyes bring.
Spring days are flushed with love’s warm glow, the nights untamed by sparks.
Our rhythmic dance for two bestows full moon to light the dark
I’ll never stammer for excuse to ask for your soft kiss, or with my words unkind bemuse
Our love means more than this – the shady oak, the rose’s bloom, a waterfall’s cascade.
The beauty of a starling’s plume when near you seems to fade. Your words are all the air
I breathe. In your embrace, I’m whole; your love’s a thousand spring blooms
wreathed around my yielding soul.
In summer, winter and in fall, I’ll seek your rambling heart,
but with a breath of love in spring, we’ll never be apart.
{ Rhonda Johnson-Saunders }


spring wedding inspiration , dress by Otaduy spain, bridal portrait spring_wedding_inspiration_melanienedelko_fineartweddingphotographer__0001 spring_wedding_inspiration_melanienedelko_fineartweddingphotographer__0002spring_wedding_inspiration_melanienedelko_fineartweddingphotographer__0010spring_wedding_inspiration_melanienedelko_fineartweddingphotographer__0007spring_wedding_inspiration_melanienedelko_fineartweddingphotographer__0014spring_wedding_inspiration_melanienedelko_fineartweddingphotographer__0013spring_wedding_inspiration_melanienedelko_fineartweddingphotographer__0018spring_wedding_inspiration_melanienedelko_fineartweddingphotographer__0016spring_wedding_inspiration_melanienedelko_fineartweddingphotographer__0015spring_wedding_inspiration_melanienedelko_fineartweddingphotographer__0019 spring_wedding_inspiration_melanienedelko_fineartweddingphotographer__0005 spring_wedding_inspiration_melanienedelko_fineartweddingphotographer__0009 spring_wedding_inspiration_melanienedelko_fineartweddingphotographer__0008 spring_wedding_inspiration_melanienedelko_fineartweddingphotographer__0009spring_wedding_inspiration_melanienedelko_fineartweddingphotographer__0006Contributors:

wedding dress: Otaduy
heels: Jonak Paris
hair & MakeUp: MakeUp Artist Angie
decoration & florals: FlowerUp
jewelry: Freystil
model: Christina / Visage Models
plates: Anthropologie & Feine Dinge porcelain
developed & scanned: UK FilmLab / Portra 400h


One thought on “delicate spring wedding inspiration

  1. Sandra

    Wie immer sehr schöne Fotos. Was ich aber mal fragen wollte: Warum fotografierst du insbesondere Paarfotos/Hochzeiten/styled shoots analog? Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz.


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