Only few weeks ago when I visited my sister in Carinthia for a couple of days we decided to head to the most beautiful and crystal clear lake that you could find there. My sis and her boyfriend are in love since many years but they don’t really have presentable pictures of themselves. So she asked me to do a couple shoot with them and I was thrilled when I heard about her plans to choose this mountain lake as location for capturing their love. There is indeed no better place for shooting a couple session than at lake Weissensee.

It was really cold although it was end of March and the lake was frozen most of its part. A breathtaking beautiful view awaited us when we walked towards the lake. I was excited and curious how the results shot on fuji film will turn out and I was not disappointed when I had a look at my scans.
We spent a really nice afternoon there and had a lot of fun shooting at this delightful spot until the sun went down between the mountains.

I know, everybody can’t wait for spring.. Trees full of blossoms, warm and sunny days, sitting in front of a cafe and enjoying some ice cream. I hope you’ll be gentle with me, when I share this „frozen“ couple session with y’all now and not wait until next autumn! I’m so in love with the results and I hope you will like them too.

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Location: Weissensee

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