In January, when I joined the Berlin fashion week with some of my girls , I was not only the lucky one who was the behind the scenes photographer of Lena Hoschek’s amazing show but also the one who captured a very talented film photographer who lives in this trendy city.

Some of you may know Katja Scherle aka Festtagsfotografien – she is a German wedding photographer who is addicted to medium format as well. When I booked my flight to Berlin, where this lady is located, my second thought was to get in touch with her and ask for a portrait session.

I love her way to shoot…it’s bright, sensual, clean and luminous. I follow her work since I got into film photography and was always thrilled when I noticed that she posted a new session on her blog.
So far I haven’t had any pictures of me together with my contax in action and only few portraits of myself in front of the camera (maybe because I feel more comfy when I can hide behind the lens and maybe because I only like myself when photographed on film).
So I asked her for a portrait session to capture each other on film and she liked my idea. We fixed a date, met in a lovely cafe and chatted until noon, it was so nice to meet her in real, she is such a lovely person who shares the same passion for photography.
After a delicious coffee we strolled together to the „Museumsinsel“ – a well known location in Berlin and started shooting.

First it was my turn to pose in front of her lense, which was not as easy as I thought. In January it’s freezing cold in Berlin, so it was a real challenge to fade out the iciness and smile as if it would be a sunny and warm day in spring. After two rolls the fingers of both of us were reddened and frozen -stiffed. Not the best condition for a photographer who needs her fingers for pressing the shutter button and her hands for focusing :).
So we decided to have a warm up at Barcomy’s Deli before switching position and doing the second portrait shoot.

Katja was a bit more brave than me – she was wearing a sleeveless summer dress but kept a straight face and posed in a professional way. I was surprised because she actually didn´t like the part in front of the camera too much as well and was a bit doubtful doing modeling herself.
But after few minutes of acclimatization she relaxed and did a fantastic job! I love the results and hope Katja will do so too.

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. (Audrey Hepburn)

Dear Katja, I just wanna thank you for the opportunity to deign a look into your beautiful soul. You are just amazing…


fine_art_portrait_session_berlin_museumsinsel_melanienedelko_fuji400_contax645_0003 fine_art_portrait_session_berlin_museumsinsel_melanienedelko_fuji400_contax645_0004 fine_art_portrait_session_berlin_museumsinsel_melanienedelko_fuji400_contax645_0006 fine_art_portrait_session_berlin_museumsinsel_melanienedelko_fuji400_contax645_0009 fine_art_portrait_session_berlin_museumsinsel_melanienedelko_fuji400_contax645_0005 fine_art_portrait_session_berlin_museumsinsel_melanienedelko_fuji400_contax645_0010 fine_art_portrait_session_berlin_museumsinsel_melanienedelko_fuji400_contax645_0008 fine_art_portrait_session_berlin_museumsinsel_melanienedelko_fuji400_contax645_0007beautifully scanned by UK Film Lab, shot on fuji400 film

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