Villa Sermolli is a wonderful place for a wedding in Tuscany . When I signed up for the workshop by Pearl and Godiva – one of these shootings I already published here – the ladies of A very beloved wedding and I decided to take the opportunity of travelling to create gorgeous wedding inspirations among typical lemon and olive trees.

From Rome we followed Goethe’s footsteps to Borgo a Buggiano, a lovely spot in Tuscany. On a rise seamed by countless olive trees there´s Villa Sermolli.

The mansion was built in the 16th century and kept its old charm despite the renovation works three years ago. This location is perfect for a Mediterranean wedding. This is where we wanted to realize our visions of a rustic Italian wedding. From the very beginning I was totally excited by this enchanted estate. Everywhere I looked I saw lemon trees and it smelled like lavender and rosemary all over. Tying the knot in this place must be an unforgettable experience!

For our imagined Tuscany wedding we decorated the table in the colors of this region: all shades of green and sunny lemon yellow. Mediterranean delicacies like aromatic prosciutto, native olive oil made by regional farmers and fresh white bread joined a glass of cool white wine and a sweet-and-sour tasting Limoncello – one of this region´s specialties.

The house and its surrounding setting offerd so many possibilities for great wedding pictures. We started with the „getting ready“ at one of the adorable suites of Villa Sermolli. Walls adorned with frescos were a beautiful backdrop for flattering pictures of the bride. Afterwards we explored the narrow plastered paths leading from Castello Buggiano towards olive groves before we headed to Siena to find the perfectly seamed way full of cypresses. I remember how excited we were when we found the perfect little place. Also our timing couldn´t have been better. When I started to photograph the sun set and bathed the landscape in incomparably warm light.

All our effort was totally worth it. The result was a whole bunch of fantastic pictures which not only made it onto the cover of the Inspire Wedding Magazine but were also good enough for four double pages of the Weddingstyle´s anniversary edition! I´m totally happy and proud of this honoring. All that´s missing now is the experience of photographing a real wedding at Villa Sermolli.

So my dear bridal couples if you are as Italian-affine as I am and you are planning your Mediterranean wedding in Tuscany right now I would be pleased to join you there on your wedding day to capture this special moments on camera for you.

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Location: Villa Sermolli
Design & Styling: A very beloved wedding
Florals: A very beloved bloom
Dress: Victoria Rüsche
Groom’s suit: Zara men
Stationery: Milia Ink
Film Lab: Carmencita
MakeUp & Hair: Melanie Nedelko
Models Teresa & Andrea : Esprit Model Management


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