Ever since I started taking pictures of people I had a vision, an idea that kept coming back to me. So far it was my biggest project and you can not imagine how nervous I was the days before and especially on the day of this shooting… But first I want to tell you how it all began: Since I was a little girl I´m fascinated and impressed by prima ballerinas, these delicate and slim girls who seem to float magically across the dancefloor. I never wanted to dance ballet myself (I guess I always knew that I´d never be able to move as delicate and elegant as all the prima ballerinas do) but somehow I couldn´t get enough of them.

One day I sat together with my friend Isa and told her about my wish to take pictures of a dancing ballerina. She screamed beaming with joy and wanted me to call Edita immediately who was a desinger for headpieces and had the same dream. No sooner said than done and we started planning the project. We quickly found the perfect location: can you think of a scenery more ideal for a dancing ballerina than in front of the amazing windows of the WUK? Our two dear friends and ballet dancers Dajana and Verena were excited to shoot with us right away and even contributed some of the dresses. Edita Rosenrot created gorgeous headpieces and my favorite make-up artist Angie accentuated them with great make-up and beautiful hairstyles. From the moment the two prima ballerinas entered the room and stepped in front of my camera I couldn´t stop smiling.

I want to thank everyone involved in this shooting so much! I couldn´t have done it without you!

_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0019

_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0018

_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0020_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0022

_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0030_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0051_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0026_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0029

_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0024_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0023_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0027_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0028_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0031_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0046_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0055_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0053_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0033_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0035_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0032_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0047_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0056_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0037_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0036_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0039_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0034_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0045 _pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0038

_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0041_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0044_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0043_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0050_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0040_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0049_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0042_pretty ballerina styled shooting©melanienedelko_0048

headpieces & jewelry : Edita Rosenrot
makeUp & hair: Angie Winkelbauer
furniture: Das Wiener Zimmer
vases: privater Fundus
dresses: privat

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