My first couple-shooting which I had three weeks ago couldn´t be more perfect than with these two people. We had so much fun shooting at the lake and the result are dreamlike pictures! Pia already booked me last year as a Christmas present for Christoph. Originally we planned a romantic winter-session with lots of snow but since the snow was missing this year we decided to reschedule our shooting into spring which was the right decission. The lake turned out to be the perfect location for the smitten couple to capture their love for ever on camera. Thank you Pia & Christoph for a great afternoon and for letting me show some of your pictures here! Looking at these impressions still makes me smile happily. Why? Just watch…
Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0024Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0001Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0002Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0003Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0005Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0004Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0006Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0008Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0009Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0010Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0012Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0010Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0014Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0015Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0017Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0022Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0020Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0019Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0018Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0021Couples_Pia&Christoph © melanienedelko_0023

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