One of the actresses that I absolutely wanted to shoot with some day was Pia Baresch. She´s a beautiful, elegant but natural and down-to-earth woman. About a month ago we spent some time at the Wachau to shoot during apricot crop. Unfortunately we were a week early, trees were only half blooming and so we had to figure out a plan B. Luckily we parked in front of an old hayrick with beautiful rustic walls and a wonderfully blooming fruit tree next to it. It was an amazing afternoon which I will remember for the rest of my life. Thanks a lot to Karin who created this adorable make-up and restrained Pias curly hair.
Pia Baresch © melanienedelko_0000Pia Baresch © melanienedelko_0001Pia Baresch © melanienedelko_0002Pia Baresch ©melanienedelko_0014Pia Baresch ©melanienedelko_0001Pia Baresch ©melanienedelko_0002Pia Baresch © melanienedelko_0003Pia Baresch © melanienedelko_0005Pia Baresch ©melanienedelko_0006Pia Baresch © melanienedelko_0006Pia Baresch © melanienedelko_0007Pia Baresch © melanienedelko_0008Pia Baresch © melanienedelko_0009CREDITS:
MakeUp & Haare: Lamariposa /Karin Fazekas
Model: Pia Baresch
Styling: privat

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