Paris offers countless locations for great photo shootings. During my stay I discovered many perfect places more for me and my model to shoot… But when you´re mainly working with natural light like me you have to take what the sun gives you. Generally midday is not the perfect time for portraits… Except you find an old library located in a landmarked house in a historic street. Luckily the sun did only reach the other side of the road so I was able to shoot these exceptional portraits of pretty Verena at an unusual time.
Verena Historique © melanienedelko_0008Verena Historique © melanienedelko_0007Verena Historique © melanienedelko_0006Verena Historique © melanienedelko_0004Verena Historique © melanienedelko_0002Verena Historique © melanienedelko_0003Verena Historique © melanienedelko_0001Verena Historique © melanienedelko_0005

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