Sigrid Spörk is a very famous and stunningly beautiful Austrian singer and actress who I always wanted to get in front of my lens for a shoot. So who can blame me for contacting her, as well as her good friend Barbara Kaudelka, to ask, if she´d let me photograph her.

First, we planned a fashion shoot with dreamlike robes designed by Eva Poleschinski. Unfortunately, Sigrid didn´t fit into the wonderful robes any longer when she got pregnant ☺ So we had to redispose and included her husband, musician and author Christoph Reicho into our new plans. Because after all, a maternity session in the fields needs the baby´s father, too. Don´t you think?

We met at the Danube wetlands natural preserve where broad acres and meadows awaited us. What a beautiful place on earth! With good reason this is one of Vienna´s local recreation areas. As you darken the nature reserve´s door you enter a different world. It´s quiet and everywhere it smells like flowers and forests.

Sigrid and Christoph live in close touch with nature and spend most of their spare time in the nature to leave their stressful daily lives behind them. You can imagine choosing the Danube wetlands natural preserve was no coincidence. This location was perfect! Sigrid, radiant with happiness among all the white flowers – it was to good to be true. Whoever once said pregnant women have this special twinkle in their eyes must have talked about Sigrid.

She was such a beautiful, relaxed and happy expectant mother. It was a real pleasure to see her like this and it means a lot to me that I was honored to capture this special time in their lives.

However, being allowed to share these pictures with you now is not self-evident. Especially when you´re in the public eye as a couple you guard your private life like gold. It fills me with pride and honor to present you an abstract of this special shoot today. Thank you so much, Christoph and Sigrid.

So honored to see this maternity session in the fieldst pusblihed on The Fount Collective. Thanks a lot to this great blog´s team for publishing my work and to Sigrid for her beautiful words about my work and the results of our shoot. Read it here.
Maternity session in the fields Maternity session in the fields by Melanie Nedelko film photographer Maternity session in the fields Maternity session in the fields Maternity session in the fields

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