I would go anywhere for a really good engagement shoot. No distance too far for me to get a smitten couple in front of my camera – even before their wedding. When Victoria and Hermann asked me to visit them at Lake Attersee I didn’t hesitate and agreed. It was a three hour ride from Vienna and absolutely worth it. As soon as I drove off the highway I was surrounded by this breathtaking landscape. This beautiful piece on earth was adorable and it was hard for me keeping my eyes on the road while driving along the lakeside. So prepare yourself for an engagement session at lake Attersee!

Victoria and Hermann are going to get married at Lake Attersee next year and so they decided to have their engagement shooting there, too. Both originally come from this area but due to their jobs they ended up in Vienna. After their engagement they both agreed very soon they wanted to get married at home though. The two showed me their different locations around the lake and since then I can hardly wait for their wedding to start!

For the engagement shooting we drove to a nearby creek to capture some nice memories on camera. The surrounding nature was like one-of-a-kind and the refreshing water was crystal clear – just like the two are. It was so much fun seeing them interact so naturally in front of my camera, I almost forgot it was their first shooting.

We spent the evening together on the terrace of their lake view holiday home with delicious food and a glass of wine. Life can bring you so many sweet moments… Sometimes all it takes is a three hour ride by car 🙂

riverside-engagement-attersee-melanie-nedelko-fineart-weddingphotographer_0018 Victoria & Hermann - engagement session at lake Attersee riverside-engagement-attersee-melanie-nedelko-fineart-weddingphotographer_0009 Victoria & Hermann - engagement session at lake Attersee riverside-engagement-attersee-melanie-nedelko-fineart-weddingphotographer_0014 engagement session at lake Attersee by Melanie Nedelko riverside-engagement-attersee-melanie-nedelko-fineart-weddingphotographer_0004 riverside-engagement-attersee-melanie-nedelko-fineart-weddingphotographer_0011 riverside-engagement-attersee-melanie-nedelko-fineart-weddingphotographer_0002 riverside-engagement-attersee-melanie-nedelko-fineart-weddingphotographer_0012 Melanie Nedelko - fine art photographer - engagement session at lake Attersee riverside-engagement-attersee-melanie-nedelko-fineart-weddingphotographer_0007 Victoria & Hermann - engagement session at lake AtterseeBeautifully scanned by Carmencita Filmlab

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