Some of you might remember the very successful Austrian TV production called Janus which was broadcasted last year on ORF. I didn´t miss a single episode not only because I was fascinated by this exciting series but also because of a certain member from the cast: Barbara Kaudelka. A beautiful and oh so talented actress who impressed me deeply from the first moment: her heartwarming smile, her amazingly blue eyes and her charism to name just some of her attributes… Again and again I thought about how great it would be to get her in front of my camera for some portrait pictures some day. So I sent her an email and just a few days later I got an unbelievably nice and sweet response from Barbara telling me she wanted to shoot with me, too. There are no words to describe how happy I was! I started dancing like crazy across my living room and barely couldn´t calm myself. I still start smiling whenever I think about how surprised I was.

But since Barbara is a very busy actress it was hard to find the right time to shoot. We had to reschedule twice because of TV-shooting dates and the rehearsals for the famous Kultursommer in Laxenburg where she plays with Adi Hirschal and Sigrid Spörck. But… finally at the end of May I met her in person and it was even greater than I expected it to be. She is such a wonderful and likable woman – there´s no other way than to love her…

Adorable Angie, my favourite make up artist, was part of shooting, too, and created an amazing make-up that accented Barbaras heavenly eyes. All day long I felt like in seventh heaven and was excited like a little girl. When Barbara finally stepped in front of my camera I couldn´t believe how lucky I was! Maybe I should continue sending wishes to the universe – because this time it made my dream come true!

Barbara Kaudelka © melanienedelko_0011Barbara Kaudelka © melanienedelko_0008Barbara Kaudelka © melanienedelko_0006Barbara Kaudelka © melanienedelko_0013Barbara Kaudelka © melanienedelko_0009Barbara Kaudelka © melanienedelko_0002Barbara Kaudelka © melanienedelko_0010Barbara Kaudelka © melanienedelko_0012Barbara Kaudelka © melanienedelko_0001Barbara Kaudelka © melanienedelko_0005

model: Barbara Kaudelka
makeUp & styling: MakeUp Artist Angie
dress, necklace: H&M
flower wreath, heels : privat

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