Haven´t all of us been standing in front of the mirror as a little girl some day with mum´s high heels, one of grandma´s old curtains on our head and way to much lipstick on our lips humming The Wedding March imagining what we might look like as a bride?!

And then, only a blink of the eye later the day has come – the wedding approaches and we start looking for the perfect dress. One of the most important choices in a woman´s life probably is the one about the right wedding dress. But in contrast to our visions from back then we now find pompous and princess-like dresses not so perfect any more. We´ve grown to a woman who knows what life is all about and we love it. We don´t want to feel dressed on our wedding day, we want to be who we are with all our facets.

When I was looking for a wedding dress that reflected my personality the best and which wouldn´t make me feel dressed the selection unfortunately wasn´t as big as today. A dress that shined with simplicity and accents who I am without disguising me was really hard to find. If feinstens would have already existed my search for the dress would have been so much easier!

I knew Manuela for her photography. Just like me she´s a real story teller. We love telling love stories with our cameras from the bottom of our hearts.
When I got an email from Manuela last year to tell me about her matter of the heart I was totally excited. Due to my passion as wedding photographer I always have to deal with beautiful dresses. Unavoidably one starts to imagine how oneself would look like as a bride nowadays. And my visions were pretty clear. There are only a few designers of bridal fashion whose work I adore. Their philosophy, their designs, the fabrics and style match my imagination a 100%. Without knowing them Manuela united two of my favorite designers in her living room – Cortana and Rue de Seine.
A place of beauty and where everything is inherently consistent. You enter an oasis of good taste and feel comfortable. Not only because Manuela welcomes you with her infectious and heartfelt laugh at the door. There´s something beautiful in every corner, just like the founder mentions it on her website: feinstens – the finest of fine. I couldn´t have picked a better name.
I was honored to capture this unique bridal living room on my camera. We chatted, had a cocktail and ate delicious cake.

So if you are looking for the perfect bridal dress and want to find it within a comfy and personal atmosphere then get into your car and come to Linz. I promise you won´t be disappointed… Believe me, it´s going to be ‘feinstens’…
Love, Melanie
feinstens_melanie-nedelko_0001 feinstens_melanie-nedelko_0011 feinstens_melanie-nedelko_0004 feinstens_melanie-nedelko_0008 feinstens_melanie-nedelko_0003 feinstens_melanie-nedelko_0009 feinstens_melanie-nedelko_0007 feinstens_melanie-nedelko_0002 feinstens_melanie-nedelko_0005feinstens_melanie-nedelko_0010feinstens
wedding gown boutique by Manuela Kalupar
Altstadt 5, 4020 Linz

Scans by Carmencita Filmlab

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